Spy Inc. - Doing the recon, so you don't have to.

Aftermath: The Obsidian Nexus - a sneak peek at the "mystery area".

Well, the Apocrean event is over, so I guess this no longer qualifies as a spoiler.

We all had our fair share of wondering what that strange square area in the south east corner of the Obsidian Nexus was, whether or not a hidden path led over there and most importantly: if you could get anything from it.

Sooo ... Titanium lockboxes now, ey?

The Apocrean event is over, time for the Gunner upd... err, nevermind. Time for the Slime Prize Boxes! And so that nobody can say: "meh, its just another costume promotion", this one comes with a sideorder of Titanium boxes that will replace the iron ones for the entire month.

"Soooo, what's in those boxes?", you ask. Well, I could tell you, but before someone cries "spoiler!", I'll have to drop a little disclaimer:

Lockboxes are basically a lottery ticket and as such subject to (anti-) gambling laws.

Spiral Spy v1.5 (for real)

So much for sloppiness. The download link was wrongly pointing to v1.4, it is fixed now. The file you want is really spiralspy-1.5.jar, so if you downloaded spiralspy-1.4.jar, thinking it would be 1.5, please download it again.

Spiral Spy v1.5

Seems like OOO added new materials again (how many different ways to light stuff are there?!) - so ... spiral spy v1.5 - Enjoy

Spiral Spy v1.4

Projects I seem to be stuck with: this one. Anyways, cast your eyes upwards to the downloads tab. If you have been using Spiral Spy v1.3 and found a lot of models with just a plain white surface, then you may find fewer of them being broken now. Enjoy.

Hello, anyone there?

Wow, a year has passed since my last post and it seems like Three Rings had a change of heart a couple months back. I am still not sure if I want to pick up my SpiralSpy project again, but seeing that the game has returned to being F2P, I think leaving up my old rant about shady business practices as the frontpage is no longer justified.

So, what else is new?

  • Even though this website used to scream "go away", I still got an average of 300-400 downloads of Spiral Spy per month. Not bad!

Closing down shop


[TL;DR: yes, you can still get SpiralSpy here.]

Several recent events, mainly the latest update, but also the map issue, as well as some personal matters, have forced me to reconsider and come to the conclusion that it is finally time to move on. As of now, I will consider "The Scrapyard" to be a legacy project and discontinue it.

Levelmaps offline by request from Three Rings

In case anyone wonders what happened to the level map gallery: I just got an email from Threerings, kindly requesting them to be removed. The issue at hand is that I marked up the trigger zones (areas that make things happen, e.g. spawn monsters when a knight enters them) in bright green.

Re-rendering the maps to not include that piece of information isn't a problem, but I'd like to get an OK before doing so. In the meantime, the maps will have to stay offline, I hope, I can republish them soon.

Making money through arbitrage

I have been thinking about this for a couple of days now without reaching a real conclusion... You know these people who dump a shitload of money on the energy market, buying tons of energy just for the purpose of reselling at a higher price? Everyone hates 'em, right? After all, they make money just because they already own money, not because they actually work for it.

Ah... the joy of hidden switches and toggles...

How do you play SpiralKnights? Windowed or fullscreen? Personally, I prefer windowed since I have a 16:9 screen and stretching the UI to fit that aspect ratio blurs the graphics and I also have a field of vision issue with the wide angle. Plus: playing windowed allows me to quickly switch between game and Desktop apps without changing video modes. There is however one annoying drawback to playing windowed: Sometimes, while shooting, I manage to grab the window border and drag the game off screen. Would be nice, if there was a borderless mode and guess what: there is!