Where do I get [Advanced,Elite,Eternal] Orbs best?

Saturday, August 30, 2014 by spiralspy

From the supply depot! I repeat: from the supply depot! You can get your orbs from the supply depot! Seriously, have a look at the supply depot. They actually do sell orbs on the supply depot.

You can get as many orbs as you want or need from the supply depot. No, really, don’t bother looking for levels to farm. Orbs can be bought from the supply depot! Honestly, the supply depot is the way to get orbs. Just in case, I haven’t made myself clear yet, here’s the list of the top three places where you should look for orbs:

  1. The supply depot
  2. The supply depot
  3. The supply depot!

Puh, that just had to be said!

Threerings makes (part of) their money by selling you a fast upgrade path for your gear. That means,  you have to use energy to buy upgrades. You can either directly pay for energy with your credit card (fast) or farm for crowns and use the energy market (slow). You won’t get anywhere, when relying solely on box drops. Those only exist to get spare orbs into your inventory to tease you into crafting another item (and hence to make you buy another batch from the supply depot).