Apropos “selling” pet food…

Thursday, April 21, 2016 by spiralspy

Since some idiot took it upon himself to “teach” a guildmate of mine on how to “sell” pet food (on the auction house for 2k): is basic math really that kind of a forgotten art?!

Let’s run the numbers here. A star costs 500 cr, two 5* materials and 25 minerals to craft. When you sell something on the auction house, there is a 10% fee (if you don’t, there’s even a penalty). In other words, if you think 2k would be a good price to sell pet food for, think again. Your payout is only 1.8k, subtracting the crafting cost, you are at 1.3k. Now consider that a 5* mat is worth about 500 cr, you end up with 300 cr for the minerals (and it takes you a whole afternoon to gather that many).

Just because something seems to be of no value to you doesn’t means you have to throw it on the market at a marginal profit! There is no penalty for stockpiling useless stuff!