Aww shit… just realized something: Slime coins may be worth a lot after all

Thursday, May 26, 2016 by spiralspy

I have just been asked by a friend if you get the “Lichen your luck” achievement by simply playing at the casino or if you actually have to win. So I took a deep breath and was about to explain that “winning” is a rather arbitrary term with the slot machines. You always “win” (spare me the hairsplitting here) something. It just might be less than your stake. Therefore, it only makes sense to tie the achievement to the number of rolls.

Then it struck me that there actually another option on the table: the achievements are tied to the number of rolls, but it only counts when you play with slime coins!

I really hope that’s the case. I mean, Master Miner took a whopping 10k minerals. Sure, I can click the button 10k times for 200 crowns a pop, but that would be super boring and just another “buy yourself a badge” achievement. However, getting your hands on 10k slime coins, now that’s something you can feel accomplished for (especially since this doesn’t automatically brand you as a gambling addict).

Now how do I test for this?