Casino Patron Pickup Lines

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 by spiralspy

Clockwork denizens are fast talkers, aren’t they? For those of you who have trouble catching up, here are all the phrases they use in the casino room.


  • Glorp! No trouble here.
  • Golden Slime welcomes you. Glorp!
  • Glorp glorp. Have fun.


  • Another Gel Core please. Shaken.
  • Oh, haven’t seen you around here before!
  • Waiter? Oh sorry about that good sir.


  • Glorp! Swallowed a crown. Tasty.
  • I just got back from debarber, can you tell?
  • One day I’ll win enough to build my own palace! Glorp glorp!


  • I’m not the Kleptolisk you’re looking for.
  • Hey, what’s that over there?
  • I won’t steal anything… I promise!


  • Shh, don’t tell anyone I’m here.
  • Hey down in front!
  • Can I borrow your weapon?
  • I don’t think anyone will notice I’m missing.
  • Stop looking over my shoulder.
  • Hey, no cheating!

Pit Boss:

  • Productivity is up two percent since I started mandatory overtime.
  • I promoted myself to Senior Manager of Ghastly Implements of Destruction.
  • I worked my employees hard to get where I am today.
  • I just put in another bulk order for office supplies. We keep running out.
  • The guy in Devil-IT wanted to upgrade our office to all glyph-usage, but I like wasting paper when I can.

Royal Jelly:

  • I just flew in from Moorcroft and boy are my royal cores drained.
  • Here’s a jelly gem for ya…
  • Three lichens slide into a room…
  • Remember to tip your servers.


  • I’ve never left…
  • Try again…
  • Soo… bright…

Yes Man:

  • Enjoy yourself!
  • Everyjelly is welcome at the Golden Slime!
  • I’m sorry, you missed Happy Hour by a minute. Next time.
  • Everyjelly is a winner at the Golden Slime!
  • Undercorp employees get a free mug with every visit.