Didn’t see that one coming…

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 by spiralspy

I originally thought that the casino would be a permanent fixture in the clockworks. Dead wrong there. Making it an event? Pure genius! I think, most people haven’t realized yet, what this means (in particularly not those dipshits who still desperately try to keep the energy price high in order to protect their investments). Oh well, it will sink in eventually.

In the mean time, let’s answer/confirm some rumours from the forums:

  • “Lichen your luck” is only the first achievement. There are more. Enjoy!
  • Yes, there is a mechanic (“whammie”) that can deal damage. Love that one! Makes the heart machine much more appealing.
  • We haven’t seen all the machines (prize pools), yet.
  • Slime coins are not really the primary payment method of a wheel. They are more akin to “free game” tokens in real world slot machines.
  • Putting things like a mixmaster in the prizetable is a rather stupid idea, born out of the desire to get lucky and obtain one for a mere 200 cr or so. One spin takes like three seconds and there are dozens of players playing simultaneously. Even with a super rare chance it wouldn’t take long before the market gets flooded with mixmasters (those x200 gold coins is already the 0.1% chance and look how many screenshots we have of that one already). Good prices, for the sake of variety, are “inconsequential”: Bound rarities (sparks, crystals), UV tickets, materials, plain confetti, and so on. In other words: things that have a high use rate and little resale value.
  • Difficulty and party size don’t factor into the results. Tier does (for now in an inconsequential way: pickups scale accordingly).
  • I see what Grey Havens is doing here and I fully endorse it, so even though I strongly believe that every kind of lottery must disclose the odds, I have decided to sit this one out.