Economy pet food

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 by spiralspy

Pet getting fat and running you out of minerals to craft more food? Those things become really greedy pigs on high levels. Getting one from zero to hero requires somewhere between 2k and 3k minerals (depending on how conservatively you feed), which brings us to the question how to farm for minerals in the most efficient way.

The shortest levels in the game are arguably Concrete Jungles and Crimson Fortresses. These were handcrafted in the early days, so they don’t contain elaborate twists designed to slow you down. If they don’t show up as the first floor in a gate, you can always play the “The Rotting Metropolis” mission for quick access.

As handy as Concrete Jungles are, there is an even faster way to get your hands on minerals. However, it requires a 4* alchemizer (or better) and optionally armor/trinkets that max your CTR.  Having the help of friends/guildmates/alts to haul the goods is also recommended.

The “Jigsaw Valley|Emerald Axis II” level has a weakness in its design, allowing you to skip all fights and go directly to the exit. All you need for this are a few carefully aimed alchemizer ricochet shots. Here’s a schematic of the floor:

370 - Jigsaw Valley|Emerald Axis III marked the POIs in yellow:

  1. Entry elevator. You start here.
  2. Shoot from here.
  3. The first ghostblock you need to hit.
  4. Shoot from here.
  5. The second ghostblock you need to hit.
  6. The exit.

Hitting the ghostblocks with a ricochet bullet is a bit tricky. You need to shoot straight down, barely grazing the wall. It takes several shots because a minerals are in the way that you need to break first.

If you can’t find a suitable Jigsaw Valley in the arcade, then you can always play the “Beyond Axes of Evil” mission for quick access. If you do, you should always advance to the next floor with the exit elevator. That way, the mission stays selected in your mission screen and you can restart it without having to scroll back.