Efficient Kat Hunting Strategy

Friday, June 5, 2015 by spiralspy

Speed is king this time. If you want a Book of Dark Rituals, you are looking at farming about 4k levels within 2 weeks. Not an easy (or pleasant) task, so you’ll want to focus on visiting as many kats in as little time as possible. Since only tier 3 BKs will drop books and Candlestick Keeps have the highest feline population density, this means running the first level of either “It came from below”, “Alone in the Dark” or “Weight of Darkness” over and over again. The premier ones have a marginally better chance for encounters, but you might want to alternate between the three anyways if only for (literally) the change of colors.

Your gear choices include:

  • Crest of Almire
  • Black Kat set or Mercurial set
  • Elemental brandish
  • Elemental Blaster or Argent Peacemaker (mainly for switches)
  • Either Seraphynx or Maskeraith (shield skill is great for floor spikes, cloak gives speed boosts) with Swiftsteps perk.

Some events favor soloing (or scouting) levels. This one doesn’t. If possible, you should form hunting parties. However, don’t band up with random players. You need teammates that know what they are doing:

  • Play on normal. Difficulty doesn’t affect drop chances, but more monster health will slow you down.
  • Speedrun Candlestick. Don’t fight if it is not necessary, don’t go after treasure boxes (especially not if you are playing on normal difficulty).
  • Have one party member take care of the puzzles (keys, lighting candles, switches, …) and the rest making sure that monsters don’t get in the way.
  • Determine the teammate who has the fastest computer and let him/her open new parties when you reach the exit elevator. Join him/her on the mission level, not in the lobby (though this will bar you from the double kill trick – see below).
  • Consider playing without music. Black Kats got a very distinctive sound effect that gives away their presence.
  • Consider reducing graphics quality and turning off render effects to reduce loading times.
  • The overlay map (‘B’ key by default) is your friend. Use it to stay on the main path.
  • Make sure to spawn optional kats (e.g. in the brightly lit room with the treasure boxes that spawns a trojan). Remember: every kat (in tier 2 and 3) has a 1% chance of turning black.

If you don’t mind bending the rules a bit, then you can also loot each Black Kat twice for every, except one, party member. To do so, find yourself a BK and instead of killing it right away, have everyone except the “anchor” player go solo and defeat the BK in their own private party. After that, return to the original party for a another chance. Everyone needs to start at the lobby for this to work.