Feature Request: Make friend requests cost crowns

Thursday, September 10, 2015 by spiralspy

Things I hate: standing in Haven (or running with randoms) and suddenly *wuuurb*, a yellow star on my mailbox requires my attention. Another friend request, from another dipshit who apparently spends too much time on Facebook and wants to cuddle the world. I just mark the thing as read. That at least prevents the asshole from sending another in case I ignored the first one by accident (gosh, I hate those numbnuts who want to force their “friendship” on you).

In Puzzle Pirates there is a DnD (do not disturb) feature that would block hearty and trade requests from people that you are not acquainted with (and everyone always had it on). It’s beyond me why we can’t have this in Spiral Knights. However, seeing that we are short of crown sinks and have an abundance of socially incompetent players, I’d opt for the second best solution: treat friend requests as if they were mail! And make it expensive as fuck to send one. 500 crowns should be the minimum, but I’d even welcome three times as much. Maybe that teaches some people not to invite everyone and their grandma into their social circle.

Oh, while we are at it: Maybe sending a guild invitation should cost money as well. I’m not quite sure though, if this should be paid from the treasury or by the officer in question.