Field guide: Candy hunting

Thursday, October 23, 2014 by spiralspy

Well, it’s Dark Harvest time (again) and the Punkin is trying to get us diabetes and bad teeth (again). There most certainly is some kind of sinister conspiracy at work here (probably the tooth fairy teaming up with the dentist association), but who has time to look into these matters when we only got till NOV 2 to earn all the rewards?

In a nutshell

You hunt for candy tokens (sweet, hard, sour and brittle). Each token type can buy you a different kind of costume mask. Each mask kind is available in three makes, so there are nine variants in total to get. However, only the authentic ones are worth it. Paper and replica ones will decay. If the masks are not to your taste, you can also trade your candy in for crafting materials (reskinned Maskeraith) or dark harvest prize boxes (hallow costumes).

To get sweet sour and hard candy, you have to beat the Punkin. You can find him in clockwork tunnel levels (those with the gear icon) where he waits in refurbished danger rooms.

The brittle candy can be gotten from grim scarabs (a larger version of the compound scarab with a pumpkin on it’s back). These spawn from graves instead of zombies. About 4% of the graves require fumigation.


  • You always get one brittle candy from defeating a grim gould and have a 20% chance for earning one additional drop. Depth, difficulty and party size do not matter.
  • You get up to 8, 10 or 12 candies randomly mixed sweet, sour or hard candies from the Punkin, depending on tier.

Grim Scarabs, Goulds and Zombies

  • Neutral to normal and piercing damage, slightly vulnerable to elemental and strong against shadow attacks.
  • Immune to curse, strong against poison and freeze, resistant against sleep and susceptible to fire.


  • Two game modes: “Trick” or “Treat”. Both are equally likely and you cannot influence which one you get.
  • “Treat” mode simply drops all the candy immediately.
  • In “Trick” mode,  your loot is contained in the head and you have to hit it repeatedly until it is either dead or time runs out. Each hit will release a single token until the head is empty, but you still have to kill it to get all of the candy.
  • The head is neutral to all damage types.


  • This event is all about speed running. Therefore the Black Kat set is your best choice. If you don’t have that, the mercurial set is the second best alternative.
  • Fire weakness may be a reason to brush the dust off the ol’ Ash of Agni and the Pepperbox. But you can also stick with your trusted Combuster and Blitz needle.
  • The Drakkon’s flame barrier and inferno skill can actually come in handy this time. But the Maskeraith’s haze attack is equally useful.
  • Consider a swiftstrike buckler as shield. You don’t have to tank a lot of damage, but you need to attack fast to catch the head.


  • Punkin (sweet, hard and sour candy)  really is a guild thing. Wear your speedy pants and scout clockwork tunnels individually for refurbished danger rooms. Call in reinforcements once you find one. Don’t bother with getting to the elevator after defeating the boss or if it becomes clear that the level doesn’t contain one.
  • Grim scrabs (brittle candy) are easiest found in the daily prestige mission (just speedrun the first floor). You can play it three times per day (once per tier), provided that you can get invites to tiers you are not eligible for (entering the boss floor will lock the tier for the rest of the day). Otherwise you have to farm graveyards. Just rush through and dig up the graves. Don’t bother fighting the zombies unless you have to. The “An occurrence at Owlite   Keep” mission starts with a graveyard on it’s first floor. Alternatively, you might want to to wait for the “Legion of Almire” prestige mission and just farm Punkin king in between.