Glitch collection Vol. I

Friday, January 2, 2015 by spiralspy

Complex systems tend to go wrong in complex ways. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun when they do :).

I have the power!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is so 80’s? Not in Spiral Knights! To hold your sword aloft go to a place where you can use and switch weapons (party lobby, training hall, etc.). Open your arsenal and put a bomb in weapon slot 1. Charge it. Once it is fully charged, select a sword from the arsenal to replace your bomb. As soon as your knight starts the switching gear animation, release the attack key and immediately start charging again. Timing this correctly can be a bit tricky.

Holier than thou

Go to a training hall. Equip a Seraphynx and trigger the shield skill. Unequip and immediately re- equip your sprite. Trigger the shield skill again while the first one is still active. The shields will now stack on top of each other and not expire any longer. Repeat as often as desired (this only stacks the animation, not the actual shield). This can also be done on arsenal stations in the clockworks.

Stop! There are kids here!

Yes, Spiral Knights is rated PG13, but why should that keep us from hugging kissing? Send two knights to the garden in the townsquare, have them face each other and type /sit. Click the portrait (or anything else that  opens a floating menu). The knights will stand up and perform the busy animation in the direction they were facing while sitting. Alternatively, open the character window if you want to be able to chat (you won’t see the animation in that case, of course).

Hey, where’s my Kat?!

Fire your sprite’s laser attack on the boss stage of the Ironclaw Munitions Factory. Right before the screen flashes and takes you to the twins.

Who’s hat is that?

Gear is optional for best results keep ready:

  • A chroma suit
  • Any 1* armor
  • A cowboy hat or a crown

Find Cort in the town square, stand on the top edge of the staircase somewhere in his vicinity. Wiggle back and forth a bit using the W and S key. Eventually, you should see your feet sink slightly into the ground (wearing a chroma suit for this helps as the effect is most visible on the toes). Equip a hat of your choice as well as a slim armor. Switch to another haven instance from the minimap and sit down there. If done correctly, only your hat should remain visible.

Off with her head!

Equip a Maskeraith, cloak and take damage while running over a trap unshielded. Your cloak will break and others will see you as a headless shadow.

The Shepherd

You can herd the walking snipes in Haven. Simply stand still on one for a second and it will teleport to an adjacent floor tile. Really bored players were known to push them all into the town square garden in the past.

Make room!

Do you hate the right arena room on the second level of “Ghosts in the Machinery”? Those shock drones leave you very little room to maneuver, but you can move them out of your way. To do so, get the key from the left arena room first. Putting a key in the path of a drone will block it. If you manage to put the key “on” a drone while it is passing by, you can even push it aside.

He shoots faster than his shadow

It takes a charged Blitzneedle shot to take out trojans, but charging requires you do a normal shot first, leaving you vulnerable. You can skip that regular shot by shielding first, pressing (and holding) your attack key and then dropping the shield.

John Wayne never needed to reload, neither to I

You can cancel the reload animation of your gun by either shielding or switching to another gun after each shot.

What’s my sprite doing in my ready room?

Go to your ready room, bring up your mission screen and select any mission that involves talking to Kora via comlink (you need to have a sprite equipped, of course).


Just put a lot of spaces between your words and the chatfilter won’t transform them to lower case.