How do you earn 30k?

Thursday, July 16, 2015 by spiralspy

Most vanguards will know this one: do 10 firestorm runs, exchange the boss tokens for a piece of ancient armor and pawn that off to any NPC in the bazar. Easy, straight forward and takes about the better part of the entire afternoon to pull it off.

Are there faster alternatives? Sure! Given that…

  • You got the “Operation Crimson Hammer” expansion.
  • Eternal orbs piling up in your inventory.
  • An utter hate for gremlins

Instead of farming Almirian seals, go for perfect mask fragments. OCH is way faster to speedrun than FSC and you only need to do three runs in order to gather enough materials to craft a perfect mask of Seerus. Like the ancient plate armor, it will sell for 30k in the bazaar.

Ok, granted, using your eternal orbs this way is quite wasteful, but if you already have all the gear you want and need a quick money infusion, then this is definitely the fastest farming option.