How Guild lockdown should have been implemented

Friday, March 6, 2015 by spiralspy

Lets face it. Guild Lockdown could be fun since you don’t have to put up with a random team, but isn’t due to its broken by design nature:

  • You need five teammates (of the same tier) to enter the coliseum. Most guilds don’t have that amount of idle and willing players online at the same time.
  • At least one other guild needs to signup before the match can start (doubling the size of the previous problem).
  • Most of the players are locked out of guild lockdown because their guilds are either too small or there are no matches during peak times.
  • Most players don’t even bother with Guild Lockdown since they expect to be taken apart by the selected few who specialize in it.
  • You can temp join a Lockdown Guild to get at least some action some of the time, but that’s a major hassle and utterly disruptive to your regular guild.

The core problem that needs to be addressed is providing a more flexible mechanism for filling those six player team buckets. One solution would be to introduce 4 vs 4 maps, but a better one is to create a better temp join system.

So, why not publicly expose a guild’s Lockdown signup interface through the coliseum room? Everyone with access to Sullivan (or the ticket booth) can hop into any open team (though it still takes a regular guildmember to form a party). This would give us a reason to buy an otherwise completely pointless room and maybe even spend some more money on hall decorations.

To make this really shine, there should be an option to pay for matches from the treasury (of course, if an officer enables this, all money won, would also go back to the treasury).