How many Kats do you have to kill for one book?

Thursday, June 4, 2015 by spiralspy

Ok, I already gave the percentage of book drops to be less than half a percent in the hunting FAQ. But that’s not a very handy number as it only tells you that statistically there is one book per 200 Kats if you kill significantly more than that (we are talking several magnitudes here).

The more interesting questions is how many foes you have to vanquish until you get a book. Bad news here is that there is no guarantee for a rare drop, no matter how often you try. More attempts will just exhaust (but not deplete) your bad luck on drawing blanks. In graphical terms it looks like this:

bookdropchanceAs you can see, it takes some 800 encounters till you can be reasonably sure that you will end up with book of dark rituals. Assuming an average of  20 Kats per Candlestick Keep, that comes down to farming something like 4k levels. Happy hunting!