In preparation for the casino

Monday, May 23, 2016 by spiralspy

Everyone excited already? Time to do a follow up in my last post then! Let’s answer some of the immediate questions today!

What is the “casino”?

The casino is a scenario room and probably part of the long promised “arcade redux” (yes the idea is so old that Nick was still around when the groundwork was laid). The main attraction resembles a one armed bandit and comes in different sizes/shapes. The mechanic behind it uses the elevator prize wheel (of course with a different prize table). Though I’m inclined to say that this is getting it backwards: the prize wheel was probably originally designed for the casino, but then got added to the elevator because something new was needed, but the casino wasn’t ready.

Is the casino already in game? If so, where?

From what it looks like, there are still a few nuts and bolts missing. We will probably have to wait till next patchday for them to be delivered (time to get more coins!). From what’s already there, it pretty much looks like the casino room is suppose to spawn where a Punkin/Winterfest/Cake room could spawn.

How many of those damn coins will we need? How much are they worth?!

Well, wouldn’t that be everyone’s guess? Here’s the thing: there will be something nobody needs, but everyone wants (kinda like that horsehead badge next to your name). A similar thing existed once and it did cost a flat fee of 10k back then (can you guess what I’m talking about ;-))?

Coins drop plentifully now and the plan clearly is to provide everyone with a bag of them, so we can gamble to our hearts desire once the casino opens. Expect a reduction in availability later.

The individual coin isn’t worth much, but if you want “the thing” fast, consider sinking a good number of crowns now.

Anything else of importance?

Oh yes, there actually is one more thing: the casino has another side mechanic (I won’t talk about yet) and some implications that will act as a long term crownsink. High energy prices are prohibitive to new players and Grey Havens seems quite determined to finally tackle that problem. So if you have been gambling on rising energy prices (or worse: were actively involved in pushing the market): tough. Hope you got an exit strategy.