Intercepted: Kozma’s order list for Copper Lockboxes

Saturday, November 1, 2014 by spiralspy

TO: Emberlight Lockbox & Spoon manufactory
SUBJECT: Prize wheel contents for NOV/14

The Spiral Order hereby requests the contents of prizewheel lockboxes to be changed as follows:

  • Shadow key (2 per 100 boxes)
  • Copper Accessory (98 per 100 boxes)

The distribution for “Copper Accessories” is to be:

  • Binoculars (common group)
  • Flower (common group)
  • Headband (common group)
  • Plume (common group)
  • Long Feather (uncommon group)
  • Pipe (uncommon group)
  • Wolver tail (rare group)
  • Glow eyes (rare group)
  • Twinkle Aura (lucky bastard group)
  • Twilight aura (lucky bastard group)

Groups are to be distributed as follows (all values rounded up, wiggle as needed):

  • common: 77 out of 100 accessories
  • uncommon: 20 out of 100 accessories
  • rare: 4 out of 100 accessories
  • lucky bastard: less than 1 in 100 accessories

A copper alloy is to be used this month as box coating. We will stay with the time-tested cardboard material for the inner container.