Make money fast – Everyone can be a millionaire

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 by spiralspy

Got those super expensive dreams that only a credit card promises to make come true? Sick of everyone around you having the latest bling, while you run around in rags? Don’t despair! With Spiralspy’s guide to making money fast, you can leave your American express credit card at home and still be able to afford to build the knight of your dreams. All it takes is a bit of vanguard knowledge.

Know the right levels to play

Of course, everyone will tell you that the arcade is dead and Firestorm Citadel is the way to go for getting money. True, the King of Ashes mission is one of the most profitable places in the game, but it is not without alternatives. If you don’t have time for or access to T3/9-3, then you might want to look elsewhere:

  • ¬†Royal Jelly, though only being mid tier has excellent payout for the time you invest.
  • Arcade arenas. ‘Nuff said. These things pay. Lots of monsters, lots of treasure boxes. Check the gates daily for subsequent arenas and arenas that are close to the start of a tier.
  • Treasure Vaults are a bonus, don’t hunt for them explicitly, but don’t pass up a chance for them either. Their lack of crowns is made up by the number of boxes that may drop rarities.
  • Aurora Islands: Jelly Farm – Not exactly the level to hunt for, but also not an opportunity to pass up on. Slime levels tend to be densely packed with easy to defeat enemies. Equip a shadow sword and you’ll rake in some easy crowns.
  • Wolver dens are horrible in terms of crown payout. However, they are a very good source of materials for popular gear. Should you happen to own a Spine Cone derived bomb, then you might want to hunt there for ingredients.

Always check the arcade from your mission screen. If interesting levels are too far away from Moorcoft/Emberlight, try finding a shortcut through the party finder. Alternatively, join an active PVE guild. A good guild will have players that scout and invite.

Focus on your missions

It’s really no secret: the deeper you go into the clockworks, the more money you earn. You should try to advance through your missions as fast as possible. In fact, you should even rush through them. Don’t waste your time whacking every bush and exploring any path in a clockwork tunnel. Just try to get to the elevator as fast as possible. You will inevitably hit a road block where better gear is required in order to progress. Once you do, review the missions you have done so far. Pick the one where you had the easiest time making the most money and farm that till you can afford the required gear.

Also, don’t waste time doing your missions on elite difficulty. Yes, it feels good if you can beat a level on the hardest setting and yes, the payout is better, but no, neither the increased payout nor the your ego boost makes up for the extra time you spent (at least not on the beginner missions). Your focus should really be to get as deep as possible as fast as possible.

Sparkling sparks

Primal, Forge and Grim sparks provide a nice little extra income once in a while. Wait till you have amassed 100 of a kind, then see Brinks in the Bazaar. Trade the tokens for any 5* trinket, then sell that trinket to any NPC for 10k cr. One spark token is as valuable as a gold coin (100 cr)!

Speaking of tokens…

The spark token trick applies to Almirian Seals as well. Just trade 30 of those for an ancient piece (shield, helmet, armor). That’s a 5* item and selling those to an NPC nets you a whopping 30k cr. If you are willing to gamble, you will, once in a while, find a market for the following token rewards as well:

  • Sealed sword
  • Antigua
  • Pulsar
  • Schemer scrap
  • Blackened Crest

Be warned though that you are taking a risk with these and may in fact end up loosing money trying to sell them at the auction house. Also, you should  heat gear before unbinding. There is no need to stash fire crystals forever and this way you might at least get a forge box (free sparks and an orb).

Keep your money in the market

Buying and reselling energy is a moderately risky business. You may end having your funds bound up for months and no way of cashing out without making a loss. However, dealing in energy via the supply depot is a relatively easy way to earn money while you are busy doing something else. Of course, you need to be able to calculate the trading fee and keep track of how much you bought for what price. As a rule of thumb: energy prices are higher on weekends and rise/fall sharply on Wednesdays (when people expect updates to the game).

Check the auction house for rejects

High level players often mass craft weapons in search for UVs and dump the rejects on the auction house. From time to time it is possible to get items for less than their NPC resell value. For example, if you stumble upon a 2* item for less than 750 cr, you can buy it and resell to Vatel. That’s an instant profit. Of course, you can also try to resell such items for a higher price. It’s a good idea to use TradeTrax to keep track of your trades.

Minerals matter

It takes about 3k-5k minerals to bring a pet to level 100. If a clockworklevel does not provide you with the mineral you need, don’t hesitate grabbing even a small chunk of another color (in fact, even prefer large chunks of another color over small chunks of yours). It is most economic to sell motes, dust and stones to other players. Orbs and stars may have a higher payout, but you will eventually find yourself short on 4* and 5* materials when you need them for your own pet.

Speaking of pets: on low levels, it is more economic to feed raw materials and level heat instead of food. Try to save your minerals for later.

Function first, fancy later, use the wiki!

Don’t waste your money early on fancy gear. Yes, you want your knight to look pretty, but every crown you invest in accessories is a crown that is not spend on progress.

Whenever you want to craft gear, always check the upgrade path. There is a vast number of dead end items that either don’t have 5* versions (so you will have to start all over when hitting a Hall of Heroes mission) or completely under perform later on. If in doubt, ask an experienced player for advice.

Be careful with the cobalt gear. It’s a poisonous treat!

The missions will award you a complete 2* cobalt set (armor, helmet, sword and shield). This is great for passing the 2* Hall of Heroes without additional cost and it will serve you well till the 5-x missions. However, resist the urge to continue on the cobalt path thereafter. Cobalt gear under performs at higher ranks. Once you hit the 3* Hall of Heroes, you should start your gear over. Depending on your playstyle, either choose wolver-, magic-, or a gunner set.

Don’t use sparks of life unless it truly matters!

Sparks are precious. You find a free one once in a while, but when you are forced to buy them, you pay at least 20 energy (50 if you didn’t plan ahead). Unless you expect to earn more than 1.2k to 1.6k from the rest of your level or you are in a mission with a high entry cost (e.g. a shadow lair), it’s better to start over.

Check boxes before opening energy gates

Energy gates are a high risk gamble that usually doesn’t pay off. Before opening such a gate, see if you can throw a vial at the boxes behind it. Then decide if it’s worth getting the treasure.

Use your credit card wisely

If you are ok with spending real money, you might want to invest into Operation Crimson Hammer early. It will give you a 3* and a 5* weapon with which you can pass the hall of heroes a bit faster.

Know where to get Orbs of Alchemy!

One of the most idiotic questions that gets asked over and over again: “Where do [advanced|elite] orbs drop?”. Don’t hunt for orbs! Orbs are available from the supply depot! Instead hoping for box drops, just farm for money, buy energy, use the energy to buy orbs. Energy is really the fastest and cheapest way to get them.

The Almirian Seal cheat

If you happen to be able to join an endgamer guild, you will likely be able to hitch a Firestorm run now and then, even if you are not eligible for it yourself. Save up on the boss tokens! For 30 tokens each, Brinks will give you an ancient plate, helmet and shield. That’s three five star items without crafting cost, you can use to sneak past the final hall of heroes early and gain access to Firestorm. After that, sell the gear for 30k each. Something similar can be said about the Blackened Crest, though that one is a bit more expensive and actually worth keeping.