Mirroring the SpiralSpy modelviewer

Thursday, May 21, 2015 by spiralspy

Since it just happened, I’d like to repeat that I do not give permission to host the SpiralSpy modelviewer elsewhere. This applies for all previous versions as well and even if the software becomes unavailable from me.What you have come to known as “SpiralSpy” is mostly Threerings code. I claim no more than having stitched together the pieces, adding an application launcher and giving the whole thing a catchy name. The library code is open source and licensed under the LGPL and BSD license. If you want to cook up your own model viewer, that’s fine with everyone. You are just not allowed to do it under my name and (for technical reasons), using my application launcher (the technical reason here being that I won’t let you get away with simply renaming the file).

Ok, why do I make such a fuss about this? Let me explain:

  1. Imagine you had a youtube channel and I started mirroring your videos on my channel, potentially costing you subscribers and votes. Would you be thrilled? I guess not. Same thing here. I’m running a blog and if you mirror my content, then you are leeching off my work.
  2. I have a lot of software on my webserver, not just SpiralSpy. I also get a lot of support requests. About half of them from people who don’t bother reading the docs or don’t even care for stating which application they need help with (“it doesn’t work, fix it! Use a crystal ball, if you have to!”). I can do without support requests for stuff that came from unofficial mirrors, is likely outdated and may even have been tampered with.
  3. Speaking of being tampered with: adding extra code to SpiralSpy is anything but difficult. Luckily we don’t see a lot of scams in Spiral Knights, but if multiple copies of a well known and trusted application were starting to appear on anonymous fileservers, then most people would have no way of figuring out which ones are genuine and subsequently are at risk of downloading a hijacked version. Naturally, it would reflect negatively on me if players got their account hacked that way.

I am sorry if anyone thinks this is a bit over protective, but if you are into software development, you learn to either cover your ass or get it handed to you.