No patch notes? No problem!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 by spiralspy

Don’t you just hate hate this? First the game tells you that there well be an update in 90 minutes, then you watch the updater slowly doing it’s thing and after you can finally log in again, it’s usually waiting a bit longer till the new stuff goes live.

The wait is even more annoying when you have spare money and don’t know whether to buy or sell energy. Well, here’s a little trick I learned: just scan the rsrc/ folder for changed timestamps. The names of the files in question usually give you a pretty good idea what the patch might be about  (use my modelviewer if you need more details). One of the easiest ways to do it is to use a source code management tool like git. Those things are meant to be used for tracking modified files and even showing what changed (though pretty much everything in rsrc/ is a binary file, so you won’t be able to make heads or tails out of it).

After installing git, initialize a new repository in the rsrc/ folder (you could do it in the mainfolder, but there is no need to waste resources tracking code/. The files in there will always change and they are binary):

cd rsrc
git init
git add .
git commit -a -m "Initial commit"

Your rsrc/ folder is now under version version control. When the next patch comes you can check for modified and added files using the status command:

git status

Once you are satisfied, check in the new revision:

git add .
git commit -a -m "Patch REPLACE_WITH_CURRENT_DATE"