Nostalgia: HP Reviving dead party members

Monday, April 18, 2016 by spiralspy

Ah yes, Grey Havens took over, old players are coming back and ask for patches to be undone that drove them away back then. Let’s talk about one of those changed mechanics: Reviving dead party members with HP.

In the old days, there were no sparks of life and no emergency revives either. When you died, you had two options to continue:

  1. You could “spark” yourself with energy, but the cost for this doubled each time.
  2. You waited for someone to step over you and press the attack button. You’d get half their health, they’d get half their heat as payment.

The great thing about the old revival system was its social experience. You could drag a rookie to firestorm, and when they died, revive them after finishing the difficult section. Today it’s spectator mode till reaching the elevator. Another fun aspect was juggling the last pips of health in the party and of course, there is a legacy achievement bound to HP reviving (one of the few that is actually somewhat meaningful). But that’s about it and there also were considerable drawbacks:

  • Shadow Lairs could get extremely (and worse: unpredictably) expensive. Playing with randoms was a sure fire way to get an exponentially(!) growing revival cost on your energy tab.
  • In densely packed fight pits, you had to be very careful not to step into dead noobs while attacking. Otherwise half of your health went to someone who would waste it on reviving and dying again immediately.
  • Firestorm Citadel was simply annoying. There was always someone bringing something to heat and expecting the party to commit serial suicide at the healing pads. Sure, gifting surplus heat is a great social experience. It also gets pretty boring pretty fast and results in your run taking twice as long.
  • People were constantly begging for revives. Well, they still are, but HP revives were seen as cheap. I still shudder when thinking of all those overconfident noobs why died left and right and then demanded revives because they could “help”.
  • Sparks make popping treasure boxes fun! You know that you are getting better at the game when your stash starts growing.

Do I miss HP revives? Certainly! Do I want them back? Certainly not! The spark system is considerably better (at least for experienced players). Whenever I see someone asking for reinstating the old mechanics, I can’t shake the feeling that this is some deadbeat who only got around by leeching health off party members.