Nostalgia: Remove the forge already!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 by spiralspy

I really “love” it when people demand that the forge gets removed, claiming that everything was better before that update (even if they didn’t actually play back then, yet).

I have to out myself here: I’m a big fan of the forge. Sure, it is a huge pain in the ass, but people complaining about that are missing the point. The whole heat system has one purpose: slowing players down.

Originally, we only had the arcade, no missions. The objective of the game was simply reaching the core (then stare at it and wonder why you went through all that trouble). That was all: 30 levels and you had beaten the game. Nothing more to do. Assuming decent gear/skills, that’s a matter of hours at best and days at worst. Withholding decent gear was therefore a good way to prevent players from burning through the content too fast and then de-installing before binding with the community.

As far as slowing players down is concerned, the old heating system was a complete joke. You barely noticed it being there at all (I guess that’s why people want it back) and usually wondered why they bothered with including this mechanic in the first place:

  • Given that you got enough embers, you could complete more than one level when reaching the elevator. A 3* item would reach level 5 for sure after completing the charred court.
  • You could heat a 5* item to level 10 in about a single Firestorm run when playing with a party that would give you their heat (that was actually annoying about the old heating system: your FSC runs took twice as long because there was always someone who had something to heat).
  • The thing that actually slowed you down was the cost of upgrading gear. Heat was entirely inconsequential.
  • There was absolutely no point in fully heating (3 star) gear before upgrading it. Now there at least is the chance for a forge box.

Is forging fun? Probably not. It’s at least inconvenient, but it now does exactly what it is suppose to do: slow you down. Yes, you can demand that it gets removed, but then you’ll just be bitching about having nothing left to do a lot sooner.