Notes on “March of the Tortodrones”

Thursday, March 12, 2015 by spiralspy

Well.. it’s mating season again and I just noticed that all my info on it was on my old blog. So the following is a repost salvaged from my database backup. It my be out of date, so I’ll make adjustments as the need arises.


Why should you risk life and limb trying to interfere with nature? Well, for one, there is profit in clobbering an endangered species. It is not quite clear how the Tortos profit from beating up knights, but they surely do their job well and with passion, so this little field guide is to give you valuable insight for getting smashed less and for poaching more efficiently.

Let’s start at the end. There’s two types of new gear you can craft at any Mystery Alchemy Machine:

  • Tortodrone shield (for those who missed it last time)
  • Tortodrone “gun” (the new thing that’s gun, sword and bomb in one item).

The 5* version of each requires a total of 28 ancient shell materials to craft. You get the shells from fighting the Tortodrones in the daily prestige mission. This is an arena type fight (more on this later) with two bosses. Each boss will drop between one and four shells (make sure you are alive when the corpse is cracked open!), so one fight may earn you between two and eight materials. How many you actually get depends on tier and difficulty. In Tier 1, you are guaranteed one shell per kill on normal difficulty. Medium and elite difficulty add a tiny chance for a second drop. Tier 2 picks up directly where tier 1 leaves. On normal difficulty you get one shell for sure and a chance for a second one. Medium and hard add chances for a third material. Tier 3 adds better chances with the optional drops at higher difficulties and the chance for a fourth shell on elite.

ADVICE: Always play on T3/Elite if possible. You get about three to four shells per run, meaning you can craft a 5* gear after 8 runs on an average. If you need to spark more than twice per battle on an average, rather play on advanced.

In order to access the bossfight, you first need to craft a Fiendish ID card at the Mystery Alchemy Station. This costs 10k cr and five fiendish glyphs of every type. There are four ways of acquiring fiendish glyphs:

  • From the Auction House (yeah, sure. Your credit card will have a field day).
  • From a danger room that may be found in fiendish clockwork tunnel (note: there are several kinds).
  • From a scenario room that may be found in devilish drudgery levels.
  • From an arcade fiend arena turned into an event arena.
  • As a loot drop from individual fiends (rare).

The tortofied danger rooms (those that look like the ancient grove) will drop glyphs upon completion. Running on normal and depending on tier, you are guaranteed three, six or nine glyphs. On advanced, you get nine, twelve or fifteen. Elite pays fifteen, eighteen and twenty one. This is in addition to what the individual fiends may drop. Non-tortified danger rooms pay like the scenario rooms.

The scenario rooms in devilish drudgery levels pay less than the danger rooms (quite obviously because you are playing densely packed pure fiend level, so you got plenty of opportunity for bonus loot) and seem to always be at the end. Running on normal and depending on tier, you are guaranteed one, two, or three. On advanced, you get three, four, five. Elite pays five, six and seven. This is in addition to what individual fiends may drop.

A fiend arena in the arcade may be replaced by an event version. In that case each of the three rooms pays like a devilish drudgery scenario room of the same tier/difficulty would.

About **two** in **one hundred** fiends carries bonus loot in form of glyphs. The amount depends on tier and difficulty. On normal, you get one, one and two. On advanced it is two, two and three. Elite pays three, three and four.

ADVICE: Special rooms pay well, but they are frustratingly rare (~one in four). If you want to hunt for them, make it a guild event, where everyone scouts the clockworks individually and invites when finding one. If you are alone, try going for bonus loot drops in dark city levels. The “Return of Ur” mission is a good hunting grounds (if there is no easily accessible devilish drudgery in the arcade).
In theory, a vanguard (who always plays on T3/elite) will need 125 glyphs and 80k cr to get enough ID cards for one 5* event gear item. Luckily it is not as bad as it sounds. The Tortodrone event is easy to farm on the premise that you work well in teams! Farming glyphs together is really the fastest way to get them.

So, frustrated by hunting devlites for glyphs, yet? Don’t be! The real challenge is yet to come: the battle at the ancient grove! There is no general walkthrough for this one, so I’ll just give some advice:

  • Don’t go into there “Leeroy Jenkins” style. You will get your ass handed to you (even if you do FSC in your sleep).
  • Only go in there with a full party (after all, the ID card is expensive, don’t waste slots).
  • There is a Basil down there. Use him! The mission is a sparkburner. A vitapod, a pill and a remedy can get you through the boss fight without having to revive.
  • The boss battle consists of two tortodrones and several spawnpads summoning devlites/greavers. You “only” have to kill the tortodrones.
  • Don’t break dead Tortos if a team member is down or s/he will not get loot!
  • Tortodrones resist everything except fire. Forget your trusted shivermist buster, it will only work on the fiends.
  • Guns are your weapon of choice.
  • Try going with experienced players on your first fight! An all virgin party will be in for a world of hurt.
  • If possible, hit the fiendgates to stop spawning temporarily.

Fighting the Tortodrones calls for unusual gear, gear you’d normally shun. If you happen to have 30 Almirian seals lying around, get yourself an ancient plate shield (omega shell or ironmight works as well). Even though this is a gunner’s battle, don’t go in with a swift strike buckler. You really need a shield that can tank a 500 pound hug. The ever so trusted blitz needle deals piercing damage, which is unfortunate since Tortos are constructs and devlites are too fast. Curiously, the much shunned Pepperbox is a viable replacement. As a second gun, you might want to consider the Supernova. It’s large area of effect might get you a lucky hit when dodging a charge attack or when shooting aimlessly. Really crazy/bored vanguards will make go Neutralizer only. Swords are entirely discouraged for this fight. Going melee is a sure fire way of dying. If you are a bomber by heart, consider the DBB to offer your team crowd control. Use the Nitronome on the big guys (make them charge into your blast). Status bombs are mostly useless. Shock will be a major nuisance for knights, so try wearing anything rubber coated (e.g. gray feather). Having the movement speed perk on your sprite definitely helps escaping the carpet bombing, but depending on the rest of your gear, you might want to opt for more defenses. The one thing you probably should not do is to bring your health into the silvers. Reviving does not refill silver pips.

Got through the whole thing? Well, [read on here]( to see what you can craft. | It’s time for the March of the Tortodrones again! Nobody knows where they come from, where they are going to and more importantly, what they do when they get there. Though, speculations are that the answer to the last question is “making little Tortos” (now try to get that image out of your head).