Peek-a-boo! Apocrea, I see you

Sunday, June 5, 2016 by spiralspy

Do you know that bug that sometimes causes the minimap on the grasping plateau to remain unscrambled? It can actually be triggered at will!

The server sends level map and options in two separate packages to the client. The client waits for the level map at all costs, but if the scrambling request for the map doesn’t make it in time (client is already building the stage), then it simply gets ignored.

How do you force the scrambling packet to be dropped? Quite simple actually: get (french-)kissed by the lag fairy when stepping on the elevator to the plateau. Easiest way to do that is to trigger a major download just before moving on (and aborting it again at ~10% loading time). Of course, this might not work if you have a decent internet connection, you cannot possibly red bar.