Friday, August 22, 2014 by spiralspy

What a week. Monday started with server trouble and by the end of the day it became clear that nothing short of rebuilding the entire thing would solve the problem. Unfortunately, the machine runs a bit more than just this blog, so the rest of the week went towards planing the migration. Conclusion of the planing phase: don’t even bother. Starting from scratch is way less painful than trying to continue with the old software stack. Even if that means loosing a good deal of web content in the process.

So, here we are. Freshly installed server OS, different (but hopefully easier to use) blogging software and having “lost” all previous blog posts and other crud in the process. I guess I’ll be going through the backups in the next couple of days to see what’s still relevant and repost whatever I can salvage. Kinda even looking forward towards doing it. The new software makes a much more usable impression than the old system.