Redeem Code Give Away

Friday, April 1, 2016 by spiralspy

Hey guys,

didn’t really have a lot of time lately for Spiral Knights and I still have this giant list of Redeem Codes lying around that OOO was kind enough to provide for an in-game user event that sadly never happened (a scavenger hunt – I don’t want to go into details for why it went belly up). In this event, you’d be assigned tasks and upon completion be given a redeem code for claiming your reward. OOO insisted on this mechanism so they’d have a log of what went were and to ensure that my event team couldn’t play favorites (as they didn’t tell us what code gives what).

Anyways, since the whole thing blew up internally and there’s no chance of pulling it off now, I will simply (with the permission of OOO) publish the list here. As I said, I have no idea what the individual codes provide. I was told that it’s mostly confetti items, but the main prize is a book of dark rituals!

To redeem a code, open the main menu (the button with the wrench symbol in the bottom left corner) and select “Redeem Code”, a dialog will open in which you can claim the reward. Important: every code can only ever be used exactly once, after which it is removed from the system and the price being delivered to you by in-game mail. I don’t have the time to oversee distribution, so please be fair and only claim one prize for yourselves (there will be logs)! In case you get a “The code you entered was not found” message, try a different one (someone has already claimed this one).

Download link:

UPDATE: Some people complained about the codes not working and there being strange characters between them. That’s because I didn’t bother reencoding the text files for Windows. Get a real OS or at least a text editor that’s not hellbent on only accepting the Microsoft format (the “strange characters” are the linebreaks).