Server hiccups – Idiots should not be allowed on the net

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 by spiralspy

Looks like the latest release of Raccoon has drawn some attention. Unfortunately also from some guy in Algiers. According to web server logs, that idiot seems to be using a download manager. Unfortunately, one of those download managers that use parallel connections to download files in order to get around bandwidth restrictions. I don’t restrict bandwidth, but that thing decided anyway that it wasn’t getting bytes fast enough and started to open more parallel connections. Of course, every new connection bogs down things a little more so that download manager just thwarted itself.

People who use such software ought to be shot. People who code it doubly so. In any case, a firewall rule now takes care of that, so things should return to normal here as well. I just wonder if that idiot will e-mail me about not being able to get Raccon.