Slime coins: hog them while you can!

Saturday, May 21, 2016 by spiralspy

Ah, finally something new in game: slime coins! There’s not a lot I can say about them without spoiling, so I’ll keep it to this:

  • Golden Slime Coins are rarities, but they (currently) drop from monsters of the slime family.
  • Most of the related artwork and mechanics has been lingering in the game files for ages (users of the model viewer have probably already spotted the device that will let you use the coins. Codename: prizemachine). However, last Wednesday’s patch pushed the final parts (there’s a nice trick to see what a patch changed).
  • Cronus already hinted at it on the forums: the casino will introduce new achievements.
  • I’m not going to list what you can get from the coins just yet, however, I will note that it looks like you will need a lot of them (at least if you want the good stuff. surprise!)
  • There are indicators that the drop rate will diminish greatly later (no patch required!), once the mechanics behind cashing in are well established in the player community (remember when we used to think Radiants drop plentifully?).
  • Where could the elusive casino be? The circumstances indicate that it will be added as  a segment in autogenerated levels (think: clockwork tunnel danger rooms). You can’t miss it, there’s a minimap icon for it (rsrc/ui/minimap/casino_slot.png).
  • Consider cashing out of your energy. The whole thing looks like it was designed as a crown sink.