The legal situation keeps perplexing me

Saturday, April 9, 2016 by spiralspy

When you read the SK TOS, you’ll learn that your account is not transferable. You may neither sell it nor gift it to someone else. Doing so may result in termination (though I never heard of this getting enforced). So far that’s a no brainer. You have a contract and contracts are binding. No questions there. If you sign a lease to an apartment, you wouldn’t sell or give away the keys for it either. However, the binding goes both ways. The same way you can’t just move out and present your landlord with a new tenant, your landlord can’t simply sell the building to someone else without asking you.

When Spiral Knights went to SEGA, we all had our contracts with Three Rings and since SEGA bought the entire company, those contracts could simply continue the way they were. However, with Grey Havens buying SK, the situation is different as GH only bought the game. Our contracts are still with SEGA/OOO. I mean, it’s not like anyone wants to stick with SEGA, but still, you can’t just independently transfer a contract to a new legal entity.

Of course, there are two (easy) ways out: a) we got slightly misinformed and GH bought OOO instead of SK or b) GH actively asks each and everyone of us if we want to continue our contract with them.