The secret trick for beating the twins

Monday, February 16, 2015 by spiralspy

Since so many people seem to have trouble beating the Roarmulous Twins: the secret mostly lies in finishing the first two stages in a combo.

  1. Ignore the opening missile wave completely. Instead clear the boxes north and south (not the ones in the corners) so you get easy access to all the switches.
  2. Wait at the south east switch (while the east gate is closed) for the next wave to start.
  3. Allow two missile columns (not all three!) from the west twin to pass into the center area and wait for the first missile group of the east twin to crash into the gate.
  4. Flip the switch, charge your sword and run towards the east twin without getting hit by anything. Beat the crap out of it.
  5. The twin should shield and two surviving missiles should be enroute west. Shoot the nearest switch to open the west gate and let them pass after the opposite rockets have crashed.
  6. Beat the crap out of the west twin.

Timing and aim is crucial here, but if you do it correctly, you skip over the phase where one twins stays stationary while the other is mobile. If you mess it up, team move: try having a teammate shield block a missile to clear a rocket lane.