Time for a new tool: TradeTrax

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 by spiralspy

Ok, I have had it with using pen&paper to keep track of the stuff I buy and sell on the auction house. As much as I like low tech approaches, there simply has to be a better way to manage your stock portfolio. Guess what, now there is: TradeTrax a multipurpose trading tool. This baby is capable of recording and evaluating all of your financial transactions inside and outside of Spiral Knights (if you are into such things as forex).

Note: TradeTrax is not SK specific and uses your system’s currency settings by default. You might want to adapt the display settings to either use “kcr” or “cr” as the currency symbol and show either 3 or 0 decimal places.

Note²: Since TradeTrax is general purpose, you might also use it to keep a record off your spending on things like guild hall furniture or personal attire. Just create more ledgers as needed.