Updating SpiralSpy (the modelviewer): Utter frustration

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 by spiralspy

Money saving tip of the day: try compiling Clyde (the main library on which SK is based). There is no need to pay your barber for a haircut when you can pull your hair out yourself for free!

When you haven’t worked with Threering’s sourcecode (for a long time), you naturally start by reading the instructions (I wish my users would read my docs before mailing me and getting a RTFM reply). The instructions tell you to just clone the repository and simply start the buildscript. So far, so easy. Unfortunately, OOO moved their repositories around (yet again) and someone forgot to update the references in the buildscript. In other words: the buildscript fails and since I have no clue where the required libraries are (if they exist in a ready to use form at all), I’m looking at building the entire thing manually.

To make the exercise even more fun,  Vilya and Nenya won’t compile out of the box either and OOO-Util is available in v1.3.2 as well as v1.4-SNAPSHOT, but not the requested v1.3.4!

Narya is a particular darling of mine since it depends on ActionScript. If there is any company that deserves to be nuked from orbit more than Microsoft, than it’s Adobe.

Of course, the irony here is that most of this stuff is not even used by SpiralSpy. It is only needed for assembly.

Once you have all of the libraries in place, the real fun starts: figuring out what goes where. I swear, whoever came up with the design of the resource manager and resource loading in general must have had a thing for scavenger hunts.