Why aren’t we seeing anything of the transition?

Sunday, April 10, 2016 by spiralspy

Simply answer: because we shouldn’t!

Lot’s of us seem to be confused about why the SEGA/OOO logos are still everywhere, even though the game should have been transferred last Wednesday. Cut Grey Havens some slack here. A server migration is not something you do in a single afternoon. Especially not if you want to avoid downtime. Switching logos and trademarks really has the lowest priority. Here’s roughly what GH currently has on their plate:

  • Transfer two “large” games: Spiral Knights and Puzzle Pirates (entirely possible that they do YPP first)
  • The games run on cloud servers. In the best case that means GH simply takes over the running contracts from SEGA/OOO and continues with the existing installation. In the worst case they’ll have to copy billing, game, database and webservers over (not fun, believe me).
  • The SEGA/OOO logos are all over the place, not just the main website. They need to changed on the wiki, the forums, the game client, twitter, facebook,… all different pieces of software/services. I would expect this to take several days at least.
  • Spiral Knights and Puzzle Pirates are still commercial games. That means the first order of business is probably to get the payment processors switched over (its not like you can give Paypal a call and just tell them: “hey, we are taking over from SEGA, redirect all the money, please!”)

What Grey Havens are doing is the equivalent of open heart surgery. Expecting status/progress updates every couple of hours is not going to make the transition happen any faster.