SpiralSpy is a modelviewer for Threering‘s Spiral Knights game. It is intended to allow you to open (most of) the .DAT files in your rsrc/ folder for the purpose of previewing what a knight would look like with different gear. Naturally, a lot of people have found other uses for the tool as well. If you come across fanart that looks like in game screenshots, but with weird camera angles, you pretty much know that SpiralSpy was involved.


Before downloading, please acknowledge the following:

  • The core of SpiralSpy consists of Threering’s own code. I do not claim to have done any more than stitching the pieces together so the average knight can use the tool.
  • I do not give permission to host SpiralSpy elsewhere. Please honor this request. I don’t want to deal with problems that arise from unofficial copies.
  • You use SpiralSpy at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage you cause with it (including, but not limited to losing your game account). SpiralSpy has established itself as a legitimate tool for producing fanart and Threerings has been looking kindly upon it in the past. They do, however, draw the line when i comes to posting spoilers or modifying game files. You have been warned.
  • I do not provide installation support. If you cannot get the tool to run with the instructions provided, ask for help in the SK forums. Emailing me about you not knowing where your game files are will only get you on my /ignore list.

Installation instructions:

You don’t have to install anything. Just download the .JAR file, drop it into your game directory and run it from there. If you don’t know where your game directory is, open your finder and search for a file called projectx-pcode.jar (that is the actual game code). From there, go up one directory level.

Download link