Voice Chat

Until further notice, the scrapyard will be hosting a public Mumble server. This service is intended for knights who need an ad hoc voice chat solution.


In order to use voice chat, you first need to install the Mumble client. Complete the audio setup, then select “Connect” from the “Server” menu. In the dialog, choose to add a new server:

  • Label: “The scrapyard” (or whatever pleases you).
  • Address: spiral.onyxbits.de (no http:// or anything)
  • Port: 64738 (leave the default)
  • Username: Nick (name)

Upon connecting for the first time your client will inform you that it could not validate the server’s certificate (it is self signed). Simply chose to accept it. Afterwards you should find yourself in the lobby. If you want to create rooms, you need to register yourself (from the “Self” menu).


Once connected, you will be taken to the main lobby (“The Scrapyard”). It is quite possible that you do not see any other rooms at this point. You will likely want to create one for your own purposes instead of hanging around in the reception area. The server is configured to allow any registered users to create temporary rooms. That is:

  • You create a room by right clicking the lobby and selecting “Add” from the context menu.
  • You will be taken to your new room and have administrative rights in there.
  • The room exists as long as there are people in there. Once everyone leaves, it will automatically be deleted.
  • You can remove undesired people from your room by simply dragging them out of it.
  • You can password protect your room by right clicking it and selecting “Edit”. Only people who hold the access token may enter afterwards.
  • If you want to enter password protected rooms, you have to add the access tokens (passwords) via the “Server” menu.